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I'm a girl of 25 years old suffering from shyness and fears. I afraid from everything and everyone. I don't like crowded places because i feel unsecure, uncomfortable, stressful,confuse, my heart is gone up and that lets me be afraid. 
Posted By : nona Date: 10 AUG 2013

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hello Nona, ur problem is very common in today`s life. I can help u coming out of ur problem. u can contact me via email or face to face chating.

Aparna Rana

Response By: Aparna Rana Date: 15 AUG 2013

What you are facing and going through is very remedial.
You please log in to proven therapy site and pick a 
Counselor of your choice and join therapy soon.
All the best.

Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 11 AUG 2013

Hi Nona,

May I suggest you read my therapist profile  and credentials at  and email me directly if you feel I could help you.

I am a strong believer in successful therapy only if a trusting relationship exists between client and counselor.  I know I have the skills to help you but you will know the rest.

Please email me privately if you wish.

Best of luck.


Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 10 AUG 2013

Dear Nona,  You say you are afraid of everything and everyone, yet you had the courage to share with us here at Proven Therapy!  So you have already taken the first step in overcoming your fears.  My approach to your situation would be essentially two steps:  1.  Let's talk about where your fears are coming from.  Most likely something happened in the past that is triggering your panicky feelings in the present.  We can process that together until you understand that the past is gone and can no longer harm you.  2.  Practice.  If I were you I would then "desensitize" by exposing myself gradually to people in small groups, especially where you are friends with one or more of the people in the group so you won't feel totally alone.  After you feel more confident in small groups you could then venture out into larger groups such as a shopping mall or concert, again preferably with at least one good friend.  I can also teach you techniques to help calm your racing heart in stressful situations.  Please feel free to contact me if I can help.  All the best to you!
Response By: Sister Jamie Brown Date: 10 AUG 2013

Dear Nova, 

Thanks you for posting your concern to us with a view to obtain our help in dealing with your most difficult life situation. It is difficult to face life when one feels scared, insecured, and tensed all the time. You feel scared at all times, particularly when you face social situation. It is important that you obtain professional help to deal with this situation. I recommend that you write your issue in details and ask one of us to respond to you or fix a chat session during which you get the opportunity to discuss the issue in detail with your therapist. 

Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 10 AUG 2013

This is a brave statement. What are you prepared to do to take control of your shyness?
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 10 AUG 2013