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counseling suggestions
I am a 56 yr old female I was diagnosed in [phone masked] with Bipolar sometimes I or II dependingding on doctor, depression and anxiety. In [phone masked] I was diagnosed with PTSD from a sexual assualt and an 11 year verbally abusive marriage while in the military. I currently have been going to Veterans hospitals and taking medication. I have gotten tremendously worse over the last 16 yrs. I can no longer work and rarely leave my house. My mind never stops and I have replayed my life over and over trying to understand things that occurred with family during childhood and my adult life that has brought me here today.
Posted By : Rose 314 Date: 25 OCT 2016

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Hi Rose,

I have experience working with clients who present anxiety depression and anxiety. I am sensing

that you need someone who can really hear you regarding your mental health diagnosis of Bipolar

and the PTSD you have resulting from your sexual assault and verbally abusive marriage.  Rose!!

The first step you had taken was to admit that you had gone through a traumatic experience and

how you have reflected on your life to understand what was going on with you.  Great Start!  Feel

free to review over the different therapist and decide who you can relate to for counseling.  Know

I am here as well to guide you through the process of self-awareness and what you can do to create

a productive lifestyle.  Important steps to recovery is really understanding the dynamics of mental

health related issues as they associate with major parts of your life.  As a counselor, I am centered

on getting deep down to the root of our experiences.  If you need someone to talk to, you are free to

email me and we can begin when you are ready.  Thanks for sharing!


Response By: Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC Date: 26 OCT 2016

Hello Rose, 

My specialty is trauma and I'm trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. You have experienced trauma which will definitely lead to anxiety and depression. You may still be experiencing PTSD as well, which I can help you figure out.  I aim to get my clients to empower  themselves, heal and the life they chose.
Please contact me if you would like to work together. 


Camie Vincent, LMHC
Response By: Camie Vincent, L.M.H.C. Date: 25 OCT 2016

Hi Rose

You may have Bipolar disorder that is not being properly medicated. However, trauma can look like a lot of other diagnoses including ADHD and bipolar. I think you need to talk to someone who can help you sort all this out. Because if you have trauma causing symptoms, then your caregivers are not on the right track. Also when someone has developmental trauma (that is trauma under 18 when we are still developing) we tend to blame ourselves. What did I do wrong. It is not safe to blame our parents our caregivers because they feed and house us. It makes more sense to a kid to blame themselves. Then we carry that throughout life on our backs. Have a look at my profile and if you think I can help, then please contact me.

Take care and all the best,

Jan Strokappe

Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 25 OCT 2016

Dear Rose,

Peace and love from us. We just not lending our ears but suggest the best course of therapy too. Please  arrange a session through email service. We shall make the ensuing time better and healthy.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 25 OCT 2016

Hi Rose,

I have successfully worked with clients that have anxiety and depression by helping them use skills to overcome their thoughts.  Together we will utilize these skills and by doing so, we can work through your thoughts and have a positive tomorrow.
Our mind is powerful, but you can have control and not focus only on your emotions, we can bring reason to your wise mind.  

Look forward to working with you,


Response By: Jennifer Cox Date: 25 OCT 2016

Rose it seems to me that you need someone you can trust and a counseling which will not focus on diagnoses (Bipolar I or II, or whatever other diagnosis), but on a supportive relationship which would give you energy to get on with life and make sense of things which have happened to you. Don't you think so? I would suggest email therapy for a start, until a relationship is built and a therapeutic contract can be formulated, and then live sessions to continue with.

Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 25 OCT 2016