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I'm a C-5 C6 quadriplegic and I was injured while I was in the Navy. For as long as I can possibly remember I've been hopefully and lustfully in love with my mother. She died two years ago on my birthday and ever since that day my urges of grown stronger to the point where I spend most of my time fantasizing about her. I tried counseling on other site and have now remembered something I forgot almost 4 years ago that happened. I've also started dreaming things and remembering them when before I hardly ever remember my dreams. Some are good, and some are unusual. Unknown sick
Posted By : bamachris55 Date: 18 OCT 2016

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Dear Bama,

Peace  and Love form me. I am sincere in helping as you sought email services in this platform. You may choose me or fellow professionals for your counseling needs. In few sessions itself  you would be better and find some solace to reconnect to real world instead of dreaming and fantasizing.

Thank you for  choosing us.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 18 OCT 2016

Hi Bamachris:It sounds like you have a world of frustration. Are you isolated or do you have support. You seservecredit for reaching out. I do think that talking to someone can help. Especially exploring your dreams. If you have a look at my profile, if you think I can help, please contact me. 

All the best, 
Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 18 OCT 2016


Dreams are fascinating and can provide you with answers that your conscious mind does not reveal. I'm sorry for your pain and would be honored to work with you and your dreams to find à more peaceful place in your life.

Thank you, Linda Harris 
Response By: Linda Harris Date: 18 OCT 2016