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Couples Counseling
Hi Need online video couples counseling in the evening Pacific Time. Trying to save a marriage wr have a 16 month old daughter and trust issues. Want to start as soon as possible.
Posted By : Hchoward Date: 17 OCT 2016

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 Hi Howard,

I have worked with couples on the necessary steps to succeed in their marriage... Respect, communication, trust, etc.  

Together we can work on developing these skills to move forward in your marriage.

Look forward to helping you and your wife.

Response By: Jennifer Cox Date: 17 OCT 2016

The last message- Response by: Natasha Smith, LCPC
Response By: Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC Date: 17 OCT 2016

Hello Hchoward,

I hear your concerns about taking action in saving your marriage- that appear to have fallen short

of your expectations. Sometimes marriages can be painful in the sense of having your thinking

that you won't be able to remain united with the one you love.  Only you have the power to not

allow your experiences to keep you stuck.  This is only a suggestion to you.  Try separating

yourself from any hurt or anxiety you may have regarding the spouse (not to avoid the marriage),

but via removing yourself enough to be in a position to stay focus on what is going on internally

and within the relationship.  Sometimes a marriage or interpersonal relationships in general can

take a toll over our lives (enhancing individual stressors and so forth).  You may need some time

to yourself to sort things out- and when possible invite her in to see what needs addressing from

both sides.  From experience, if the other partner is not feeling the same in terms of the couples

counseling, it is only fruitless to pursue.  The first part of trust is making sure that you and your

partner are agreeing on a plan that needs to be dealt with.  Both parties have to be committed to 

video counseling.  Be mindful always!.  When or if you are ready to make that move, you can

look through our different therapist and decide who will work best for you.  Thanks for sharing!

Response By:  Date: 17 OCT 2016

Hello Howard,

I can help you overcome this problem and also the timing is not an issue.
Let me know when can we start with the session. If required we can have multiple sessions too.
Response By: Sheetal Agrawal Date: 17 OCT 2016

Hi Hchoward, yes I can understand the pain and that you are trying to save the relationship. I can help you in this situation, but I am not sure what time you are exactly looking for the session. I stay in India, depending on your comfortable I can make timings for the session. Please specify the timings. 
Response By: Rajatha Sarkar Date: 17 OCT 2016

Howard I can talk to you today at 6pm. Confirm pls.

Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 17 OCT 2016

Hello Hchoward. I am a registered psychologist and marital and family therapist. Please  have a look at my profile. I am MST so there is only an hours difference. 
All the best
Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 17 OCT 2016