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Adult Asperger's
I'm looking for help with Adult AS. I need someone who can provide me with relationship tools and advice on how to manage my problems. I am married with one child.
Posted By : Steveo Date: 19 SEP 2016

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Hi Steveo,

I would like to help you manage your problems, identify coping skills that would work for you, and help you move forward in your relationship.

If you would like to begin developing these skills, please contact me via email.

Thanks - I wish you the best.
Response By: Jennifer Cox Date: 20 SEP 2016

Hi Steveo,

Your honesty regarding your problem is the first step you have taken in the right direction. It sounds like
you are looking for support around your relationships- with your partner and child- during these moments
when you are struggling with your problems.  Feel free to look over the choices of therapist and see which
one works best for you. We are all here at proven therapy to assist you with what you need.  Adult Asperger
is definitely an issue that may impede your relationship with love ones.  Many times couples may experience
an emotional disconnection between each other due to limited understanding of what is going on between
them - and the frustration only escalates as times goes on unresolved.  We can work together to get to the
bottom of what is going on with you and offer you the support that you need to remain focus on where you
need to be today .  If you want my assistance , feel free to contact me via email.  Thanks!
Response By: Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC Date: 19 SEP 2016

Hello Steveo,

I have experience working with people with Autism and Asperger's and have worked with couples with many different issues. 
Contact me if you would like to work together. 


Camie Vincent
Response By: Camie Vincent, L.M.H.C. Date: 19 SEP 2016

Hi Steven

I like to find out first, the issues that you are dealing with. Adult Asperger's can cause anxiety and depression. This is turn can complicate the relationship issues that may come up through missing cues. If you think I can help, then please contact me.

All the best,


Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 19 SEP 2016

Dear Steveo,

There are are cases like you but still with the understanding partners many a times the marriages  were saved. All you need is relationship counseling with coping strategies for better quality time with near and dear. Hope the email sessions would put you back on rails. Thank you for choosing ProvenTherapy.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 19 SEP 2016

Hi Steve I,

I have worked with an adult male who has aspergers for 4 years and myself live with someone who is high functioning autism. I you are interested in talking. Please contact me.

Response By: Linda Harris Date: 19 SEP 2016