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Emotional Support Letter
Suffer from anxiety and depression - have all my life ā€“ on Xanax and Zoloft now ā€“ it is helping me. I am writing today to find a licensed therapist who can write me a letter to approve me for an emotional support animal ā€“ to bring with me to college to stay with me in my dorm room. Iā€™m age 25, female.
Posted By : yoroshambo Date: 18 AUG 2016

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Dear Yoroshambo:  My first career was as a veterinarian and I have worked with service dogs. They were always so noble, I would easily cry when I worked with them. However, an online therapist may not be who you need to write a letter for you. Your physician who prescribed the medication and who knows you should perhaps be the one who writes the letter. When a person has severe anxiety and depression, they are often given many accommodations at school and university, such as extra time to write an exam or do a project. As such, it is important, that the person who writes the letter really knows what you are going through. I would recommend you talk to your physician and see who they recommend you see for such a letter. 
All the best with your studies, Jan Strokappe
Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 19 AUG 2016