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Relationship Goals
Leave and cleave problems
Posted By : Carla Date: 10 JUL 2016

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Hello, my name is Stuti, I would like to definitely help identify your goals for the relationship. I am sure this is a huge thing for you. Regards Stuti
Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 11 JUL 2016

Hi Carla: 

I am a marital and family therapist. It is often difficult to know what to do when troubles arise in a relationship. It sounds like you have a lot of ambivalence that you need to look at and sort out. A therapist helps by being an outside observer. If you decide to stay, then using the Gottman model of the Sound Relationship House, we work to rebuild intimacy and connection. 

Janette Strokappe
Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 11 JUL 2016

Hi Carla, 

I am a licensed mental health counselor, I would love to support you in identifying strategies to achieve your relationship goals. Sometimes in relationships there are misunderstandings that just require some patience and time to figure out. 

I work with individuals and couples to achieve the communication, trust and intimacy they wish to have. 

I look forward to supporting you further. 

Seneca Williams
Response By: Seneca Williams Date: 11 JUL 2016

How can I help?  Relationships come with an array of issues, emotions and questions. Most of the time you just need to talk it out with someone who's not in the relationship and has an unbiased view 
Response By: Michele Graffam Date: 11 JUL 2016