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Looking for someone who can finally help
Hello I am a 47yo retired military male with severe PTSD, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and multiple sclerosis. My anxiety has me pretty debilitated right now. Cannot travel on freeways, cars bother me even have trouble getting out to go to dr appts. Currently see a therapist every week. I am educated with a masters degree, I want to get better so I can enjoy life with my family, right now I am stuck in a rut and very difficult spot. Thank you in advance Richard
Posted By : Vegas Nick Date: 7 JUL 2016

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Hi Nick

I work with clients who have PTSD and anxiety daily. Not to mention it's my life. My husband has both and at times it is debilitating. You're right it's a rut you get stuck in and I'd love to help pull you out of this. This mixed with your MS I'm sure is frustrating to say the least

Response By: Michele Graffam Date: 8 JUL 2016

Dear Vegas,

I understood  your case  and  wish to deal with it. May I help you?

Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 8 JUL 2016


I have worked with individuals who have had panic and anxiety disorders.  Also, I understand the dynamics of
PTSD, as my father was in the military and had PTSD. I understand what you are going through and hear the
emotional and mental impact it has had on your life.  Nick!! I'm not sure which strategy your therapist has or
is using to help you unravel your experiences, however, I know for sure that in order to get to the bottom of
things, we possibly need to move deeper to where you are at personally. For instance, you may find it very
useful to explore examples of what perpetuate your anxieties.  Research have shown over the years that
feelings of defeat and entrapment are normally linked to anxiety.  In dealing with panic, anxiety and those
with traumatic experiences, I have come to find that core issues need to be attended to for them in order
for them to reach their successes in life.  We need to fully examine how trauma is being experienced
internally and affecting you in all areas (emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally, socially, cognitively,
spiritually and so forth.) If you believe that I can help, feel free to contact me.  Hope you get better as
you seek the help you need!  Thanks!
Response By: Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC Date: 8 JUL 2016

Hi Nick

My father had PTSD. He joined the army at the start of WWII in England. I realize what it is doing to you and your family. I work with trauma. Over the internet, it is not possible to do EMDR, but I can show you the emotional freedom technique and somatic experiencing. I don't know if your therapist is using a cognitive behavioural approach. I believe that trauma is held in the body and that it must be addressed there for healing to take place. If you look at my profile, if you think I can help,, please contact me.

Wishing you all the best, Janette Strokappe

Response By: Janette Strokappe Date: 7 JUL 2016