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I am bachelor and actually i need some suggestion regarding my love life . i am not exactly in a relationship but yes like someone who also likes me. A few days before there is some incident happened in my life and that is something like...actully my sister is almost aware of our relation and was agree as i got her reactions..but that day in the morning she called my friend to whom i like and asked him about my relation with him that guy told her everything which was true.. asked about that will u marry her and as practical he sed that he is not settled yet so cant promise. and then my sister started telling him that you guyz are not that mature naow so dont come in any relationship now..give time to each other and so on...i dont 9 what exact conversation they had but yes my friend was disappointed after that...i argued with my sister and in result she did not respond any of my messages and not talking to me either.That boy is not talking to me as he used to...just a hi hello nothing more then that...i am in d stress nd unable to overcome...this is affecting my job as well and without thinking anything i resigned as was disturbed from my job as well. I dont have complaints frm my sister just want to sy that before making any call to him she should have called me frst and cleared up everything.!! kindly sugest me something that y she has done age is 21 and that boy is of 22.
Posted By : Bhawna Date: 8 JUL 2013

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Hello Bhavana,
Your stress seems to be due to too many things going out of hand and with people you are close to. Such events do upset us but we need to come out if them. 
Your situation is very manageable and you are interested in correcting it, which is very good. We are willing to help you..
I am a Indian and can relate to your problem very well. You can mail me on my id on the proven therapy site and we take it further from there

Till then,
You take care
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 8 JUL 2013

Hi Bhawna, thank you for contacting ProvenTherapy. Without losing sight of your need to clear up the relationship with your sister, if you are interested in pursuing a love relationship with someone who like you and you like him then you need to get better acquainted with the person. Take your time, make friends and get to know one another. Time will tell if the relationship is good or bad. 

The fact that you are reaching out Bhawna tells me you are stress not only with the issue with your sister, your love life and job, but you are ready for all this agony to end. I am here for you, you can schedule an appointment with me at your earliest convenience.

Diane Davis, LMHC  
Response By: Dr. Diane Davis Date: 8 JUL 2013

Hi Bhawna! I am available if you would like to process this situation together. If English is not your first language feel free to browse the list for the therapist that best suits your needs!
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 8 JUL 2013