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We get many questions from our Online Therapists regarding different aspects of the service. We will keep this page updating on a continuous basis as we get them. Once we have a long list of questions we will organize them under different categories for easy reading.
How does the chat application work?
Therapists use ProvenTherapy Messenger, a custom made desktop chat application in order to interact with clients. Therapists will be provided the download link for this chat application once they are approved.
In order to download PT Messenger and to get familiarized with the chat application please visit the Technical Info page.
How do I know if a payment has been made?
We are not providing free service here, except that the first five minutes of the first session won't be counted for payments. So, when you get a call from a client you can be sure that money will be credited to your account by the end of the session. You can verify this by going into My Home page after logging into your account.
When and how will I get my earnings transferred to my personal account?
Your earning will be processed after 14 days of the session date and will be available for tranfer into your PayPal or bank account. There will be an admin fee of $5 for PayPal transfer or $10 for check payments. (Wire tranfer is possible, but expensive and the bank fee will be different for different countries. You may please contact our Admin staff). If your balance amount is less than $50, we will wait for you to request the Admin to tranfer. Othewise, our Admin staff will transfer your money after 14 days of the session date.
I wanted to send an email back to a client through my therapist login page and I was not able to send the email to the client.
If you want to send a new mail follow the steps:
  1. Sign in as Therapist
  2. Click Mails
  3. Click Compose Mail to send a new mail
  4. Type the message and enter the User name (screen name) of the client at the text box below and click the send button.
If you want to send a reply to a mail that you received:
  1. Sign in as Therapist
  2. Click Mails
  3. You will see the mail from the client. Click View to open the mail
  4. Below the message you will see a text area to type your reply and click the send button. It is that simple!
Would you please explain to me how licensure works when doing online counseling? Am I able to counsel people outside of my State?
This is up to you to decide. We are providing facilities to professionals who believe that they can give counseling service to potential clients. We will review Therapists' qualifications in order to approve them to use the facilities in This doesn't mean that the Approved ProvenTherapists are eligible to practice in their own State or District. Therapists are advised to use their own judgment in this regard. ProvenTherapy does not take any responsibility in terms of licensure and clinical practice. 
Can I give counseling to minors or under aged?
Of course you can, but ONLY with the consent of parents or legal guardians if the client is below the legal age.
How often can I edit my profile? Why the profile is not going live straight away after I edit?
You can edit your profile as often as you want. However, the new info will not go live until we review and approve it. This is because we don’t want to see therapists making misrepresentation without providing enough documental evidence. For instance, if the therapists have total freedom to edit, they can very well claim that they have PhD though they don’t have one. We don’t want to see this happening, though we love to trust our esteemed Team. However, as an ethical practice, we need to protect our clients as well. Hope our respected Team won't feel offended by this.
Do you provide professional indemnity insurance?
No, all our Therapists are requested to have their own professional indemnity insurance.
How will I build up a healthy caseload?
It all depends upon many factors. These include:
  1. Duration of your online presence
  2. In which page you are listed (Therapists who are listed on the first page get more exposure)
  3. Your profile (how appealing and convincing to clients, which is very important).
  4. Your rating (out of five stars) and reviews
  5. Your professional charges/fee
We will explain all these points now:
  1. Duration of online presence: We cannot expect when a client would come and knock at your door. So, it is very important that you keep your clinic door opened as much as possible by remaining online. (Remember, you don’t need to have this page opened and stare at it all the time waiting and waiting... Just leave login through the Messenger and then work on something else or just do your household chores... When the client clicks the button you will get audio alert and you can come to your PC and accept the chat request). It is only a matter of getting a couple of clients to start with. One client doesn’t mean one counseling session. Most of our clients are life-long clients as at any time in their lives, when they have some issues, they will come back to our Therapists and pay for their time. So, it is a life-long professional relationship. Again, once you have a couple of clients and they give you some decent reviews and good rating you will see more clients coming and knocking at your door. Once you built up a decent clientele then even if you are not found online your existing clients will contact you through emails. 
  3. Therapists Ranking System: Most clients do not have the patience to browse the whole list of therapists and flip through all pages. We have a good number of pages of therapists at the moment. Those who are listed on the first pages will get higher exposure. Now, the big question, who will be listed on the first pages? It is on the basis of ranks. We have created a ranking system for this. The ranking factors include duration of online presence (important), qualifications, experience, profile presentation, and very importantly how active they are in terms of spreading the word through social networking, forum posting, blogging, etc. In other words, our team members' loyalty will also be counted! You will notice that those who have been online for longer duration are moved gradually on top of the list and they will get more clients. (Please note that even if you are on top of the list, the clients will still look for reviews, your experience, qualifications, your methods, etc.)
  5. Your Profile: This is very important. A good profile should list out your specific skills (cbt, brief therapy,  family therapy, etc.), specific issues that you address (depression, anxiety disorder, self harm, relationship issues, etc.), and any additional information that you may include in order to convince the clients.
  7. Your rating: After a counseling session we will request the client to leave feedback and rating. This will definitely help you to get a healthy caseload.
  9. Professional Charges: This depends on the perception of the client as some clients feel that high priced therapists are more effective! On the contrary, if you are highly qualified and experienced and you set lower rates, then the client might think that you are not a successful therapist and you are not in demand. So, please think from all dimensions before setting your fee.

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