User Reviews Of Therapist Dr MG

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swaroop 2015-11-27

An excellent Therapist... Thank you :)

Crowned 2015-03-09

There are few doctors in this world of Dr.Lazarus' caliber. An absolute expert in his field,I would reccomend to all facing internal crisises to see Dr.Lazarus.

emma100 2013-10-13

are great therapist who cares and helps>

ssn1989 2013-08-31

No judgment..

sorayaputra 2012-12-08

My First session with Dr MG went well. He was very easy to communicate with and I felt that he understood the situation that I am in very well and provided me with some insight and some valuable ideas. I am looking forward to the next session.

PattiG 2012-11-11

The Session that I had with Dr. Lazeris was very, very helpful! He is a great listener with a very gentle soul :). I was at my wits end on a Saturday afternoon, and he was there! It was as if I had known him already! He is very easy to talk to and he really does care :). Thank you so much for listening, caring, and being there to help me.

Jim 2012-07-20

Very capable therapist. Knows when to talk and knows when to listen as well

David 2012-04-27

Dr Lazarus showed warmth and insight combined with great clinical skills. A good therapist who can be trusted. I would strongly recommend him.

rb0 2012-03-26

Excellent therapist. Friendly, patient, helpful and very knowledgeable.. his experience in the field shines from the start. No complaints at all.