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Note: We will update this list as we receive questions from Clients
Please review the Terms and Conditions which might answer most of your questions:
Very simple. You can request counseling sessions in different ways. Feel free to use any methods listed below: 
  1. Sign in to your account or Sign Up if you haven't created an account already
  2. Deposit money into your account
  3. Visit this page to choose your Therapist
  4. Choose which form of session you want to take - per session (flat fee for a session) or per minute (charged per minute) or email therapy and click relevant button accordingly.

If you prefer to take email counseling, you may please choose the send mail option from the Therapists page.

For more information and clarity, please visit this page How the System Works?

The live chat session has audio and video facilities included. However, when the chat button is clicked, only text chat will be opened as default. Clients need to click additional multimedia buttons in order to initiate audio or/and video while they are in the session. Hence, Clients do not need to worry if the mic or camera will capture their voice or face without their knowledge.

There is no additional charge for voice/video chat. The same fee applies to both text chat or voice chat.

You will not be charged for the first 5 minutes of your first session with a particular Therapist. This means that if you change a Therapist you will still have the same free 5 minutes for your first session with this new Therapist in order to decide if this Therapist is suitable for you. However, you will not be able to contact a Therapist if you don't have sufficient money deposited into your account. [Go to Top]


Whatever payment you make will be kept in your account at ProvenTherapy and your money will be safe there until you use it for therapy sessions. The following description will explain how your money will be processed.

In order to take counseling session, after you sign into your account:

  1. Login or Signup (you will find payment links to deposit money into your account after logged in)
  2. Visit this page to choose your Therapist
  3. Click the Chat button either for chat per minute or chat per session.
  4. If you select Per Minute, then, after the session, the system will calculate the time spent with the therapist and will transfer the calculated amount from your account to the Therapist's account.
  5. If you select Per Session fee, then, after the session, the session fee will be transferred from your account to the Therapist's account.
  6. If you prefer to take email counseling, you may please choose the send mail option from the Therapists page and give a brief summary of your problem and ask if the Therapist would be able to accept your case. Once Therapist agrees, then, the Therapist will ask you to send him/her a detailed email. All these initial emails will be free until this point. When your Therapist sends an email he/she will decide whether to charge you for the mail or not. If Therapist chooses to charge you for the mail, then, the fee for email therapy will be transferred from your account to Therapist's account.

    The Email Option explained step by step:

    1. You send an initial mail to Therapist with a question whether the Therapist can work with you
    2. Therapist confirms to work with you
    3. You deposit money into your ProvenTherapy account (after creating an account through Sign Up page)
    4. You send a detailed mail to Therapist
    5. Therapist sends you reply and charges for this mail (Fee for the email session will be transferred from your account to Therapist's account)

If you prefer to take the most popular unlimited weekly email subscription, then you will only be charged $45 once a week for any number of email correspondence between you and your Therapist.

If you have any doubts about the payment procedure please contact us with your query.

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If you have PayPal account and the deposit is made through PayPal, on your request we will transfer the unused/balance amount into your PayPal account. However, if the balance amount is transferred after 30 days of the deposit, there will be an admin charge of $10. In case you don't have a PayPal account, we will transfer your remaining balance to your bank account through wire transfer. However, you will have to bear the wire transfer cost, which is estimated as $25.  [Go to Top]
You can request a refund of unused money in your PT account anytime. Refund will be processed within 2 working days in normal circumstances. If refund is requested after 7 days of the deposit, then, you will have to pay the transfer fee. If the deposit is made through PayPal or Stripe, you will be charged a transfer fee of 3.5% or 4.5% respectively. If you are requesting a cheque payment, the Company will charge a transaction fee of $10. Cheque payments will be made in UK Pound Sterling only, as per the day's market rate. If you are requesting wire transfer, then you will have to bear the bank charges. Our Admin will advise the wire transfer charges after checking with the banks because this tranfer fee will be different for different countries/regions..  [Go to Top]
Absolutely no problem. You can send a mail to the Therapist of your choice and request an appointment for a specific time. Your Therapist will contact you back in order to confirm a time/date.
Just choose your Online Therapist and click the 'Send Mail' link to request an appointment.
It all depends upon your needs and your circumstances. If you are a busy person who has difficulty finding time to sit with a Therapist for a live chat, then, we would recommend email therapy sessions. The cost effective method of unlimited weekly subscription should be ideal for you. However, a face to face live chat would be the most effective method because you can use audio and video facilities if you are comfortable with it. For live sessions, the default method is text chat. The audio and video facilities are incorporated, which you could select as the session progresses. There are no additional cost for using audio and video facilities. You will find the buttons within the chat window under Multimedia tab, which is quite user friendly indeed.  [Go to Top]
We take at most care to keep confidentiality.  Your contact details will not be shared to a third party without your written consent.  You need not worry about it. Our site is secured with SSL encryption and data leakage is highly difficult for a hacker. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details. [Go to Top]
This is a genuine question.  We know that there are potential hoax over the Internet.  It is not easy to ascertain what is legitimate or fraudulent. However, it is worth noting that we have been in this service for about a decade, since 2006.  It is not possible for a fraudulent service to exist this long.
We encourage you to ask any questions through your 5 minutes free initial contact either through live chat or telephone to the Counselor if he/she is available online. [Go to Top]
We accept payments through Credit Cards or through PayPal through our secured payment gateways. We will not keep your card details unless you opt for it. All major credit cards will be accepted. [Go to Top]
The site is encrypted with 256 SSL encryption making all data fully secure. The site is verified by PositiveSSL CA 2. Please look for https at the address bar and also the padlock sign which should tell you that exchanging of information through the site is safe. Being a counseling service we cannot compromise with the safety and security of all data exchanged through our channels. Confidentiality is paramount at Hence, we have implemented additional layers of safety features in the site and servers.

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