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Email therapy is an effective, professional and affordable service with distinct benefits over some more traditional forms of therapy. With email counseling you have more time to formulate questions to the therapist and can take time to absorb the therapeutic response. You develop a written record of your therapy so you can go back to it later to re-inforce learning and personal growth. Counseling through emails also removes some potential obstacles that exist in traditional approaches - it can be more 'objective' and tends to avoid things like negative transference which can be problematic.

  • Unlimited email correspondence per week
  • Flat fee: $45 per week
  • Service available 24X7X365
  • More affordable than face-to-face sessions
  • Take it at your own pace - you are in control
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed


Email counseling adapts to your circumstance and lifestyle. It’s an ideal approach and especially suitable if you are more expressive using the written word. It’s also a practical approach if you find it dfficult to open up in face-to-face encounters or have difficulty talking over web/phone. Enjoy the convenience of e-mail therapy at your own pace whilst keeping your budget in mind.

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Email is one of the most convenient ways to undertake counseling or therapy. Receive emails and respond in your own time. Enjoy the benefits, ease and comfort, safety and security of therapy at your own pace.

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Tracie Timme

I am here to listen and help guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your situation. Everyone wants someone to talk to who is genuine, caring, understanding, honest, and is there for them. Let me be there for you.
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