Email Counseling & Email Therapy Made Simple


Don't have time to talk to your Therapist live?

Take the easier option now. Send an email message to your Professional Counselor who will assess your needs and respond within 24 hours in normal course. Communicate with your therapist through emails confidentially.
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Client sending counseling request to the Therapist

What your Email Therapists can do for you?

They will:
  • compassionately listen to you
  • give you emotional support
  • help you to see the big picture through some analytic questions
  • help you to see the other side of things
  • help you to see the solutions and guide you through to the solution
All our Therapists are qualified in areas including Psychology, Psychiatry, Clinical Social Work, Counseling, and Psychotherapy. Confidentiality is ensured at every stage of email therapy. Our Counselors use very powerful traditional and evidence based therapeutic methods.

How does the email counseling system work?

  1. Login to your account or Sign Up if you haven't done so already
  2. Visit this page to choose your Therapist
  3. Click the ‘Send Mail’ icon email to counselor and type your problem in brief
  4. Your Therapist will send you a reply at the earliest convenience indicating his/her willingness to accept you as a client.

No fee applies for initial emails with simple queries (incoming and outgoing) or emails requesting a chat appointment for a specific time and date. Your Therapist will charge you only after coming into an agreement with you regarding the fee involved and also about the time when he/she will be charging you the fee.

You are encouraged to leave your feedback and give rating to your Therapist after you receive a chargeable reply message from your therapist, but this is optional.
If you have any doubts about the email counseling system please do not hesitate to contact us through this page.


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