Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Doing What Works...


  • Embrace the now moments
  • Align skill building with one's own goals
  • Develop capacity to regulate emotions


If you live with “Emotional Emptiness and Misery” then you can be confident trusting DBT will make a difference in your life!

DBT promotes self-efficacy, purpose, meaning and personal power. Gain valuable skills in order to take a bold new approach to living. Learning skills can help you to become healthier and happier. Start on the journey towards an interpersonal lifestyle that works for you vs. against you. 

DBT Model of The States of Mind

Your increased maturity and emotional stability will build a stronger foundation and provide you with the ability to come out of the shadows and experience peace and well-being.
Benefits of DBT to clients

Transform Hopelessness into HOPE

Identify maldaptive patterns to set the stage for acceptance and change
  • Governed by feelings
  • Self-sabotage success
  • Avoid consequences by lies of omission
  • Turn shoulds into rigid rule book for living
  • Inappropriate or undeveloped social skills
  • Tend to hold breath
  • Set impossible standards
  • Afraid of making mistakes
  • Perpetuate unrelenting crisis
  • Experience physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain
  • Judge self and others harshly
  • Unpredictable emotional outbursts
  • Focus on the Negative, Injustice Collector, Victim Stance
  • Get triggered by criticism/invalidation
  • Read danger into neutral facial expression
  • Focus on negative, mistakes and weakness
  • Undermine self-esteem and poison self-worth
  • Describe oneself as outsider, social outcast
  • Oscillate between needy and domineering
  • Live with ongoing desperation and emptiness
  • Derail efforts with self-defeating behavior
  • Preoccupied, burdened by the past
  • JADE - Justify, apologize, defend, and explain oneself incessantly
  • RUI - Tend to be reactive, have sense of urgency and high intensity level
  • Escape/Avoidance - 3 F's - Use fight, flight, freeze to cope when overwhelmed
All our online Dialectical Behavior Therapists are qualified in the specific area and are experienced. Confidentiality is ensured at every stage of the procedure. They use very powerful traditional and evidence based methods to achieve the best result.

How does the DBT system work?

Simple procedure here...
  1. Visit our online Therapists' profile pages
  2. Click the ‘Send Mail’ icon and request an appointment.
  3. Your Therapis will contact you back as soon as possible.
If you have any doubts about the system please do not hesitate to contact us through this page.


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