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Stephanie Kubit

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Languages : English
Per session : $75
Per minute : $1.5
Email Charge : $22
I believe that the every person has their own answers to their problems, and I will help you with the process of finding those answers. I want you to feel comfortable, and not judged, during our sessions. Counseling is different for every person and every issue, and I will tailor the treatment to meet your needs and personality. I also believe that it’s very important to work at a pace that is best for you. Everyone of us has experienced some kind of challenge, small or big, that impacts our lives, frustrates our goals, and affects our sense of aliveness. Depression, stress, anxiety, relational problems, addictions, shame, and confusion can bring us to the point of realizing that we want and need to change. This is what relational psychotherapy is about. Therapy can help you explore who you are and how your experiences affect your sense of wellbeing. You can also grow in your ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships with those you love, people you work or go to school with, as well as with the world around you. You can learn to love yourself, live authentically, enjoy healthier relationships, and contribute meaningfully to your community.
My Professional Service : I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years experience providing therapy to people in a variety of settings including individual therapy, clinics, crisis facilities, schools and hospitals. 

A Marriage and Family Therapist license allows me to work with a broad range of clients on a variety of issues. I have experience working with adults, families and adolescents (children and teenagers) in the areas of crisis management, anxiety, school and work related stress, relationships, depression, bereavement, parenting and many more areas. I work with people to help them understand their feelings and develop new skills, tools and coping mechanisms to deal with their life challenges and situations.

Package deals available for clients who want regular sessions.

Qualifications :


Master of Arts Degree: Pepperdine University Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy 
Bachelor of Arts Degree: UCLA; Clinical Psychology Honors PSI CHI National Honor Society for Psychology
Professional Experience :

Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health, Fresno, CA

Licensed Mental Health Clinician:

Provided crisis intervention services and 5150 screenings in emergency departments, as well as in outpatient clinic setting. Provided assessments and plan of care for both crisis and non crisis clients.

Provided mobile crisis response services including discharge planning, community referrals and inpatient psychiatric hospitalization referrals.

Collaborated with doctors, nurses, police department and EMS services to provide patients with necessary quality treatment.

West Care Inc.

Provided community-based crisis intervention services for adult populations with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses. Performed  emergency screenings for 5150 holds and psychiatric hospital admission

Provided clinical assessments to determine risk of harm and clinical level of care.

Provided deescalation of crisis as needed, completing clinical assessments to determine risk of harm and clinical level of care.

Sullivan Center for Children

Marriage and Family Therapist:

Provided individual counseling for children and adolescents, and group counseling for families and married couples.

Evaluated clients and developed specific treatment plans, including diagnosis, goals and objectives, and the recommended frequency, duration and type of treatment.

Performed crisis intervention as needed, referring to outside programs and hospitals.

Provided counseling to clients with mild and severe emotional disorders, including anxiety, depression, behavioral and relationship problems.

Performed play therapy to help understand and communicate with children, facilitate their psychological growth, and help the children to learn about themselves.

Facilitated an integrated approach to the client’s care amongst other professionals including psychologists and psychiatrists.               

Comprehensive Youth Services

Lead Therapist:

Provided on-site individual and group counseling in elementary and middle school settings.

Worked with culturally diverse population.

Assessed and evaluated clients for various diagnoses and implemented individualized treatment plans.

Provided crisis management and interventions; referring to outside programs and hospitals as necessary.

Collaborated with Child Protective Services, law enforcement agencies, physicians and other professionals to provide continuum of care.

Completed remaining 1,500 hours of counseling experience.

F.A.C.E.S: Family Assessment Counseling & Educational Services

M.F.T. Intern / Trainee

Completed 1,500 hours of internship counseling experience.

Coordinated supervised visitation program as well as monitoring visits between children and their biological parents.

Led teen groups in discussing anger management and substance abuse issues.

Led court-ordered anger management and parenting groups.

Provided individual and family counseling for various issues including: domestic violence, substance abuse, eating disorders, adoption and non-custodial parent issues.

Represented F.A.C.E.S. at the practicum fair held at Pepperdine University.

Client Reviews

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