Therapist Profile


Seneca Williams

Languages : English
Per session : $75
Per minute : $1.5
Email Charge : $2
Licensed Professional Counselor and Coach that specializes in empowering professionals to achieve emotional wellness and achieve their goals.
My Professional Service :
I focus on your unique qualities, strengths and abilities. I use CBT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Faith-Based counseling. I also utilize Journal Writing Therapy. Writing is an effective form of expressive arts therapy that enhances treatment, by bridging the left and right brain, which are logical and creative.

Anxiety and depression can derail your dreams and goals if it is not managed. Abusive and dysfunctional situations, at home or at work can cause a rapid decrease, in your daily functioning. I help professionals improve and manage emotional wellness, when they are experiencing difficulties in life, career, relationships, finances, new beginnings and endings.

Have you decided that it's time to get your life back on track? Has work and life balance been more challenging? Are you experiencing a major set back, disappointment or life transition? Has your relationship, parenting or performance at work suffered because of this? Today could be the first step to a better tomorrow.You can feel better equipped to manage stress, anxiety and depression through ongoing supportive counseling. I am ready to listen, support and guide you to your best self.
Qualifications : BA Psychology - Queens College, CUNY MA Mental Health Counseling- Brooklyn College, CUNY Certified Professional Life Coach- Life Coach Institute of Orange County Certified Journal Writing Workshop Facilitator -Higher Awareness Training
Professional Experience : 9 years experience with face to face counseling.
2 year experience with online counseling.