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Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC

Languages : English
Per session : $72
Per minute : $1.5
Email Charge : $20
An advanced therapist who will help you to process who you are in the moment and come up with resolutions through your own inner voice. From the heart of clinical experience, we grow more from understanding our internal processes and identifying with those who are able to appreciate our value. We can look at the past to reflect and improve our current lifestyle, however, full resolution comes with letting go of prior issues and facing the here-and-now. From time to time, we will all benefit from spiritual guidance to pull us through whatever we are going through in the moment. Those experience may consist of anxiety, stress, losing significant people in our lives, anger and resentment issues, or a substance abuse problem. Support your ability to unfold your experiences and bring them to the table for evaluation is my expertise.
My Professional Service : I  am available to offfer mental health counseling to adults, children and adolescents, personality/ emotional Coping skills, adolescent counseling and addiction counseling.  My method of counseling includes: (1) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, (2) Solution focused brief therapy, (3) Faith based Counseling, and (4) Person-Centered Therapy. I have many years of experience in group counseling adults and providing education on addiction issues. 
Qualifications : Bachelors in Psychology- Concentration in Mental Health and Masters of Arts in Counseling.
Professional Experience :

A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for 20 years working with clients experiencing a broad range of emotional and psychological issues from grief/ loss issues, anger problems, difficulties in managing stressful situations, addiction, and mental health issues.  I have experienced client issues both in a residential and outpatient facility. My training is face to face contact with clients, as well as telephone counseling. 

My Professional Style:

(1) What you bring to the therapeutic relationship is deemed important and I will work with you to resolve your concerns.

(2) I take what I do seriously and look deeply into the concreteness of your life.  I genuinely care about where you are at personally and your ability to prosper in your current life- work, relationships, spiritual settings and so forth.

(3)  You have valuable traits to offer and I am here to help you unfold them.

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