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Linda Harris

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Languages : English
Per session : $65
Per minute : $1
Email Charge : $25
I specialize in providing a comfortable and caring atmosphere that best supports an individual in overcoming his or her challenges, finding hope and making the necesssary changes to achieve their goals. In order to do this, I utilize CBT, Reality Therapy, Solution focused Therapy and for couples, Emotionally focused therapy and work to improve communication skills.
My Professional Service : My work is with individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are struggling with challenges in their lives. I have over 20 years experience working with families in helping them develop a strong foundation in times of transition. My specialty training is in couple communication, pre and postpartum anxiety and depression, and parenting issues. I have worked with teenagers and young adults who are just starting out in life.I also have a great deal of experience in stress reduction, relaxation techniques and dream work.
Qualifications : Masters in Counseling Psychology, Certificate in Couple Communications, 100 hours of Residency Training in Religion, Spirituality and Psychology
Professional Experience : 6 years of counseling/psychotherapy and over 20 years in childbirth education

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Client Reviews

img img img img img by Chris on 2012-08-06
Linda Harris is a very enlightening counselor. Whatever obstacles I was struggling with, she always seemed to have the right words to facilitate my resolving them. Linda's knowledge and professionalism is balanced with her easy going approach that makes her very easy to talk to. One skill she helped me learn, that I still use, is how to find my own answers to seemingly perplexing situations.

img img img img img by Dany on 2012-08-03
I was in a transitional period in life through a difficult and emotional divorce. Linda helped by listening, encouraging and coaching me to an improved life. By thoughtful suggestions, hearing and acknowledging the difficulties of my daily struggles, and finding positive things to help me focus on. I am now living a happy, balanced and productive life. Linda helped my transformation through counseling, books, words and affirmations. I appreciate all that she has done to help me grow and thrive.