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Gina Lorenzo

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Languages : English
Per session : $40
Per minute : $1
Email Charge : $45
Chat or email with an experienced, down to earth counselor who thrives in the on-line counseling setting by being intuitive and insightful. I am able to help you by thoughtfully and thoroughly reading and listening to your current issues. These attributes will help you to delve into your relationship, family and other personal problems that have brought you here. I am caring, empathetic and nonjudgemental. Chat or email only.
My Professional Service :

I have spent 13 years in on-line counseling in addition to one-on-one counseling in a college setting.

Marriage/Partner issues: I have been very successful in the areas of marriage/couples counseling as I respectfully respond to your inquiries, helping you to clarify, take responsibility and seek reasons for behavior and feelings.

Parenting: Your young or adult children are stressing you, yet you want them to be mentally healthy and successfully independent. I can help you to raise kids with higher self-esteem who can succeed in school and life. Let me help you explore their current struggles with you and others.

Relationships of the family: Whether you live with those that are causing you grief or they are geographically far, relatives can be difficult to deal with. I can help you to look into the past and present to resolve issues.

"It takes courage to become who you really are" e.e.Cummings

Qualifications :

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's of Science Degree in Counseling

Professional Experience :
  • 13 years of on-line counseling
  • 10 years of personal and college counseling

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Client Reviews

img img img img img by Mia on 2014-01-13
Gina was very helpful in analyzing my current situation with my boyfriend. She helped me realize that the relationship was unhealthy, why I stayed for too long and that I deserved better and how to search for a great partner. She even recommended follow up exercises and reading material about how to have a successful relationship-it is all about me. thanks! I will come back for help

img img img by Vicki on 2013-11-26
She is friendly and attentive, but I felt that her advice was fairly general and lacked depth or insight.

img img img img img by spro4 on 2013-10-03
Gina is very helpful. She takes the time to address all the issues you want her to, you can tell she really cares.

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