Therapist Profile


Dr. Graham Dixon

Languages : English
Per session : $50
Per minute : $1
Email Charge : $10
Now offering unlimited email therapy through an affordable subscription. Dr. Dixon is a therapist specializing in the person-centered approach, combined with CBT. Also psychodrama to uncover the solutions you already have within you.
My Professional Service : My therapeutic philosophy combines elements of the Rogerian person-centered approach with the rigorous, results-based methods of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I specialize in depression, couples counseling and PTSD. I believe that clients hold the answers to their dilemmas within themselves and I will help in the self-discovery and empowerment that discovery of them entails.
Qualifications : Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas Ph.D. in Dramatic Art - UC Berkeley M.A in Education and Counseling - University of Texas M.A. in Speech - Louisiana State University B.A. (Hons) from Exeter University, England
Professional Experience : Six years of professional counseling experience, including outpatient and acute psychiatric hospitals. Specializing in depression, PTS and relationship issues.