Therapist Profile


Dr. Joseph George

Languages : English
Per session : $50
Per minute : $1
Email Charge : $20
As a Professional Counsellor my focus is to be with persons going through difficulties and disturbances that take away the joy of living. My counseling process gives priority for listening and responding to persons in distress which would help them to resolve their difficulties, to find new directions in life, and to foster renewed relationships. Life is a gift from God and each one has the potential to maximize the fullness of life. My focus in therapy is the whole person and a holistic view of human life.
My Professional Service : I have been a professional counsellor / pastoral counsellor for the last 20 years with a focus to help persons in emotional distress,relationship crisis, mental disturbance, and spiritual concerns due to various contextual issues and deficiency in their caring environment. I have provided counseling services for individuals to help them to deal with their fears and anxieties, depriving family environment, work-life management issues, addiction problems, failures and frustrations and related negative behaviours, including suicidal tendencies. I enjoy working with families; provide pre-marital training; couple counseling; and work-family balance issues. Further, I have ten years of experience with online counseling - email counselling, telephone counselling, and Face-to-Face counseling sessions. I also provide religious and spiritual guidance and counseling.
Qualifications : Bachelor of Arts with Sociology;
Bachelor of Divinity;
Master of Theology with specialization in Pastoral Counseling along with clinical training and practice;
Doctor of Theology with specialization in Psychology and Pastoral Counseling (Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia;
Advanced Clinical Training and Practice as part of the Doctoral Program at the Georgia Association for Pastoral Care, Atlanta, GA, USA.
Professional Experience : Professional Face-to-Face counselor for the last 20 years.
Directing and managing Clinical training for the last 20 years
Online counseling experience - 8 years - email counseling, telephone counseling, and face-to-face counseling
Counseling experience for the Corporates - 8 years