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Dr MG Lazarus

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Languages : English
Per session : $110
Per minute : $2.3
Email Charge : $20
Professional Counselor and Psychotherapist for psychiatric and relationship problems with over 20 years experience. Uses innovative as well as evidence based methods including CBT, Hypnosis, Imagery methods, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.
My Professional Service :

Extending the healing touch...

  • I enjoy my work...
  • You come to me to get rid off your anxieties that are related to your life... I am here to work with you...
  • I love to listen to your problems in detail... I have powerful ears and a genuine heart... I want myself to be available for you.
  • You are so valuable and important to me.

I offer Counseling and Psychotherapy using variety of methods including CBT, Hypnosis, Silva method, Yoga therapy, Narrative therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.

Silva and Yoga methods follow guided imagery and meditation principles to alleviate deep rooted psychiatric and non-psychiatric conditions. I have expertise in applying these methods through online sessions. CBT is administered for depression, OCD and other anxiety disorders. Other methods including Narrative therapy, Brief therapy and Transactional Analysis are very effective for personal and relationship problems.

Qualifications : Three Masters in Psychiatric Social Work, Management, Philosophy, and Doctorate in Social Work Ethics. Other qualifications include Diploma in Transactional Analysis and Therapeutic Counseling, Silva Mind Control graduation, specific training on CBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Yoga therapy, Hypnosis, and Narrative Therapy.
Professional Experience : 20 years community based, multi-disciplinary therapeutic experience. Providing online therapy since 1998.

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Client Reviews

img img img img img by swaroop on 2015-11-27
An excellent Therapist... Thank you :)

img img img img img by Crowned on 2015-03-09
There are few doctors in this world of Dr.Lazarus' caliber. An absolute expert in his field,I would reccomend to all facing internal crisises to see Dr.Lazarus.

img img img img img by emma100 on 2013-10-13
are great therapist who cares and helps>

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